Icaew Case Study Dates 2016 Masters

Ways to study ACA with BPP

BPP Momentum enhances every aspect of traditional learning. Whichever level students are at, whichever study mode chosen, they will benefit from structured, motivational competency-based programmes that help identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing progression through the qualification and achievement of their goals.

All our study modes include:

  • A personalised Achievement Ladder to track your progression through the papers identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • Comprehensive online learning activities and resources with numerous exam questions for each paper and expert led recorded lectures
  • Access to tutors for technical queries, personal feedback and support
  • Access to focus sessions that cover specific problems including technical areas, Achievement Ladder steps and key exam-related topics via online webinars
  • Our prime objective is to offer you everything needed to secure the globally respected ACA qualification first time round – and get ahead.

Choice and flexibility are at the heart of all our ACA courses. The following courses are available:

Certificate Level – Integrated courses running in-centre or via Online Classroom

Professional and Advanced Level – Integrated courses are available via Online Classroom. In-centre courses are structured as follows:

Taught phase: The purpose of the taught course is to help you develop the syllabus knowledge required for your exams. Your tutor will take you through the BPP course notes which have been designed to cover the ICAEW syllabus in the most efficient and effective way. You will have the opportunity to practice as you learn, so that you can understand your progress, and highlight any areas that you need to go back over.

Recap phase: The recap phase has two separate elements. These are the recap course and the recap exam: the first ICAEW mock exam (Achievement Ladder step 7)

The recap course is now delivered via Online Classroom Live. The course will cover key areas of the syllabus through technical recaps and question practice. OCR Live sessions are highly interactive so you will be able to ask questions during the Live session. You should use the recap course as an opportunity to ensure that you are well prepared for the mock exams and the revision phase of your studies.

The recap exam is the first ICAEW mock exam (Achievement Ladder Step 7). You will sit the exam in-centre under timed, exam conditions. This is an opportunity for you to put everything you have learned so far into practice, and to get marked feedback on your progress. Please ensure you arrive in-centre in good time, as we will not be able to delay the start of the exam. You will receive the marks back from your recap exam at the beginning of the revision course – this will allow you to learn from any mistakes you made so that you can improve your performance when you attempt ICAEW mock 2 (Achievement Ladder Step 8)

Revision phase

The revision course takes place in the run up to your exam sitting. Your revision tutor will take you through a range of past exam questions, covering the whole syllabus, to help you to hone your exam technique. Towards the end of the revision course (usually the penultimate day) you will attempt ICAEW mock 2 (Achievement Ladder Step 8).

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