Deutsche Bank Interview Satire Essay


I applied through a recruiter. The process took 2+ months. I interviewed at Deutsche Bank (Jacksonville, FL) in August 2017.


Chat with recruiter via phone, onsite interview with hiring manager and senior manager, onsite telepresence interview with leaders in NY and a final interview with the division leader. Sometimes this can be shortened by attending a ‘super hire day’ where the interviews are scheduled back to back. Went through interview process quickly as my schedule allowed for flexibility to attend.
At each level they conducted an in depth review of my prior experience, sprinkled in obligatory behavioral questions and showed a genuine interest in getting to know me as the candidate. They seemed to truly consider knowledge as well as the appropriate personality fit for the role/team.
Each level provides a clear understanding of the role, expectations and all were happy to answer any remaining questions. Overall, an extensive yet informative interview process.

HR process, once interviews were done, was extremely slow. Breakdown in communication occurred due to passing between various HR reps. Don’t get too worried if you don’t hear back for a bit. A friendly email reminder once in a while should help move it along or at least feel like it’s moving.

Interview Questions

  • What is it you feel that you will enjoy most about this role?   Answer Question
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I applied online. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Deutsche Bank (City of London, England (UK)) in March 2011.


Applied online for Spring into Banking program which would be held in the month of April.
Consisted in 1 round of interviews in London, 3 interviews two of which were competency based and one was technical. Also sat a numerical test at the beginning of the day, similar to the one done online but there were more questions and less time.

Interview Questions

  • Give me a personal situation.
    1) Stressful situation
    2) Teamwork where you had a different opinion, what did you do and what was the outcome?
    3) Teamwork where you had a discussion, how did you solve it?
    4) Situation when you had to explain something to someone who didnt understand
    5) Something you have to improve and how you're working on it   1 Answer
  • You have a wall. It doesn't matter how big it is.
    You are given an Ivy (plant) which is set at the bottom of the wall. This Ivy grows at a rate which is squared the rate of the day before (ie. day 1: 1, day 2: 2, day 3: 4, day 4: 16, etc).
    If we buy another Ivy plant, putting it on the opposite side of the wall, which performs in the same way to the first, how much time would we be gaining?   1 Answer
  • Why DB Vs the other 4 banks (ie. GS, MS, JPM)   1 Answer


No negotiation. Got the offer immediately on leaving the premises.

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