Hca 311 Decision Making Essay

Future health care 2 Within my paper I will be addressing 5 different areas in the future of health care the first being, proposed health care reform and legislation ,and also Access to health care including the uninsured and those in the poverty levels, Medicare and Medicaid costs, and lastly Public entities in controlling the demand aspects of health service Proposed health care reform and legislation The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or in other words the health care reform law the democrats will most likely agree with this act. President Barack Obama would not veto this act as he is the one who wants this bill to pass. There is strong support by the U.S. bishops as well when it comes to agreeing with the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act," this act was introduced into congress on Jan 20 th as stated by said Rep. Dan Lipinski "The health care law made it clear that the current way we prevent taxpayer funding of abortion through annual riders is dangerously fragile-chair of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus. “We must take action to prevent federal funding for abortion under the health care law and throughout the government, without exception." Along with the resolution it was said that the proposed legislation should also consider the idea of, lowering health care premiums for patients through increased choices, as well as competition which would than allow the people to keep their current physicians, as well as give the people who suffer from pr-existing conditions to be able to afford health care as well. This would be the way to lessen the number of Americans who do not have insurance as well as prohibiting taxpayer funding for abortions.

Capital Investmentreport is a business plan that exists before the launching of a project. Therefore, it offers information on some possible and effectual factors concerning the business. The final capital investment plan consists of several consolidation of information regarding the continuity of the health care organization. Some of the information of the concern in this report includes a rightful consolidation of information about the services and the equipment description. The purpose of the description is to offer a close insight to the purpose of the health care business. The management has identified a problem in the area of concern and hasdecided the problem will only get a solution through improvement of services through the investment into new equipment. Therefore, the business will have the services and the equipmentoffered in order to meet the requirement posed by the problem (Kahle, & Stulz, 2013). The description of the services and the equipments in the business proposal has the benefits in meeting the consumer demands both socially and politically. It is through meeting the demands that the business will gain necessary ground and be effective in the provision of the equipments and services. The sustainment of the business has specifically relied on the equipments or services as well as good management to realize the returns on capital investment (Smith, 2014).The other concern in the report is the establishment of the team that will steer the management of the capital investment. It consists of individuals who have the requisite obligation to make effective decisions of the management and actually to ensure that, the decisions implemented to the latter. The team is in charge of the project right from the identification of the problem, the process of analyzing, implementation and evolution of the success. The team is also host to the project until the delivery as required by the investor or the management. Essentially the teams will consist of the members from within the organization or

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