Medical Essay Competitions 2013 Uk

Prizes are useful additions to your CV, demonstrating both a commitment to a surgical career and achievement of excellence. Winning is not necessary for inclusion – being short-listed or getting any kind of placing will still be a CV boost. 

The Annual Professor Harold Ellis Medical Student Prize For Surgery

This prestigious national award is open to all UK medical students and the winner receives a prize of £500. The surgical society at the universities of the three prize winners will also receive £100 each. We are not currently accepting entries for this prize.

The 2015 guidance and regulations are available for information. Please send any queries to 

The topic for the 2015 essay competition was: 'Is public health a surgical concern? The role of the surgeon in promoting healthy lifestyles'. Short-listed candidates were invited to give a five minute presentation on "The Role of Social Media for Modern Surgeons".

2016 winners

  1. Owen Davis of University of Keele - Owen's presentation
  2. Molly Nielsen of University of Newcastle - Molly's presentation
  3. Richard Bartlett of University College London - Richard's presentation

2015 winners

  1. Jacob King of Peninsula - Jacob's presentation
  2. Michael Bath of Leicester - Michael's presentation
  3. John Eraifej of Birmingham - John's presentation

2014 winners

  1. Elizabeth Redman of UCL - Elizabeth's presentation
  2. Wei Cheang of Dundee University - Wei's presentation (joint)
  3. James Baggott of Kings College London - James' presentation (joint)

Read a report of the 2014 prize day written by the joint second prize winners.

2013 winners

  1. David Ferguson of University of Leicester
  2. Ibrahim Sheriff of Kings College London
  3. James Glasbey of Cardiff University 

2012 winners

  1. Maral Rouhani of Cambridge University - Presentation | Notes
  2. Mueez Waqar of Liverpool University - Presentation | Notes
  3. Emma Keohane of Barts and the London - Emma's presentation | Notes (joint)
  4. Jason Yuen of Oxford University - Presentation | Notes (joint)

Other prizes

Many medical schools and surgical societies also run competitions for students. If you run a prize for students and you would like us to include it in this list please email us. 

What to read next

Careers Medical student

Medical Student Essay Prize

Twice a year the BSDS sets and essay title on a topic related to dermatological surgery and offers a prize for the winning essays.

The BSDS Medical Student Essay Prize (previously titled Undergraduate Essay Prize) is open to anyone who has medical student status at the time of application or who graduates that year.

The title for the next Essay Prize is:

"Will artificial intelligence and automated technology replace the need for Dermatologists to diagnose skin cancer in the future"?

Download the Application Form and Guidance

Previous Essay Prize Winners

Click to View Previous Essays

  • 2017, July - "Should NHS patients have access to scar management?"Kelsey Aimar, University of Nottingham
  • 2017, January - Two prizes awarded: "If Mohs skin surgery is the 'gold standard for non-melanoma skin cancer treatment', why doesn't eveyone have it?" Ali Ansaripour, Kings College London GKT School of Medical Education and Antonio Ji Xu, Oxford University Medical School
  • 2016, July - "Discuss the technological advances in dermatological and reconstructive surgery that have had the greatest impact on skin cancer patients" Joseph Jayasundera, King's College London
  • 2016, January - "Discuss the impact of targeted molecular skin cancer therapies on dermatological surgery"
    Anna Ascott, Barts and The London
  • 2015, July - "How should we measure the “best” outcomes for skin cancer surgery?"
    Mahdi Saleh, Keele University
  • 2015, January - "There is no need to treat any skin cancer with Mohs surgery - discuss"
    Monty Lyman, University of Birmingham
  • 2014 - "How can patient expectations relating to skin cancer surgery be assessed and addressed?"
    Joseph Colclough, University of Glasgow
    2014 - "How can patient expectations relating to skin cancer surgery be assessed and addressed?" 
    Katherine Farquhar, University of Glasgow
  • 2013 - "Skin Cancer and Vitamin D"
    Verity Williams, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London.
  • 2012 - "Skin cancer surgery: who should do it and why?"
    James Womersley, Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry, Universities of Exeter & Plymouth.
  • 2011 - "Rising skin cancer incidence: current and future impact on dermatological surgery"
    Sarah Gentry, University of Exeter and Plymouth College of Medicine.
  • 2010 - "The role of technology in dermatological surgery"
    George Coltart, Oxford University.
  • 2009 - "What is the role of the dermatologist in the management of Skin Cancer?"
    Justice Reilly, Glasgow University Medical School.
  • 2008 - "The impact of climate change on skin cancer"
    Laura Thomas, Imperial College.
    2008 - "The impact of climate change on skin cancer"
    Rory Honney, Oxford University.
  • 2007 - "Discuss aspects of healing in skin surgery"
    Faisal Ali, Oxford University.
  • 2006 - "Surgical and emotional scars of skin cancer"
    Daniel Todkill, Warwick University

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