Kaplan Superannuation And Retirement Planning Assignment Answers

Assessment for each of the four subjects includes:

  • DFP1: Exam and assignment
  • DFP2: Exam and assignment
  • DFP3: Exam and assignment
  • DFP4: Exam and assignment


Kaplan Professional provides students with a case study (real life client scenario) for which students are required to research and develop investment strategies and/or prepare a compliant Statement of Advice for the client. In each instance you will be assessed on your ability to engage with your client — from initial contact, to the development and documentation of a financial strategy to meet their specific needs.

You must submit your assignment within 12 weeks of your enrolment date.

If your first submission is deemed ‘not yet competent’ you are required to resubmit it. You will only need to resubmit the question(s) that do not have the demonstrated knowledge requirement. If a resubmission is required, it must be within 16 weeks of your enrolment date. More detailed information about the assignments are in the subject outlines.


Kaplan Professional’s exams are open book multiple-choice exams where emphasis is placed on the application of knowledge.

You must sit your first exam within 12 weeks of your enrolment date.

To achieve an overall grade of ‘competent’ in the exam, you must achieve the nominated pass mark for each module in the exam. If you are deemed ‘not yet competent’ for a module, you are provided with a re-sit and are only required to attempt the questions you got incorrect in the re-sit. If a re-sit is required, it must be within 16 weeks of your enrolment date.

You can sit your exam while being supervised in your workplace or at a Kaplan Professional office.

Click here for Kaplan Professional office exam times and venues.

About this documentThis document includes the following:•Instruc±ons for comple±ng and submi²ng this assignment.•Assignment sec±ons (including fact Fnder templates, cash ³ow templates and managed funds calcula±ons).–Sec±on 1:Establish the rela±onship with the client and iden±fy their objec±ves, needs and Fnancial situa±on.–Sec±on 2:Analyse client objec±ves, needs, Fnancial situa±on and risk proFle to develop appropriate strategies and solu±ons. Iden±fy insurance needs.–Sec±on 3:Address clients’ ques±ons and concerns about superannua±on ma´ers.–Sec±on 4:Present appropriate strategies and solu±ons to the client and nego±ate a Fnancial plan, policy or transac±on. Provide ongoing service where requested by the client.–Sec±on 5:Agree on the plan, policy or transac±on.Page 8 of 85

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