Prg 420 Week 5 Individual Assignment Mgt

FINAL ASSIGNMENTFinal AssignmentTeam had a number of programs that provided good opportunities to use code from one program to perform process of another program. The program created involves using the main program that Nicholas Fielding created and the SalesPerson class that Gary Steede wrote. There were a few reasons why these two programs were selected, such as:One program used java’s scanner class and the other used JOption for data input and output.One program had many instances of code repetition that could be consolidated by the other program file.One program limited the number of compared salespersons, while the other allowed the program to grow as additional salespersons needed to be compared.Nicholas’s program incorporated the use of JOption, which none of the other programs submittedused. This presented a challenge as most programs were written focusing on the use of java’s scanner class option for data input, and allowed us to see how code written for one class could work with code written to work with another data input class, in this case JOption. Another reason for the selection was that Nicholas’s program was written in a single file and contained numerous areas of repeated coding that performed calculations, which the SalesPerson class file of Gary’s program, could easily perform and eliminate all of this repeated coding. Combining would reduce allot of unneeded coding and provide a growth potential to the program if needed in the future.As noted, many programs could have been used for selection to use coding from one program in another to do a similar function that has been created by the team. In the programs that were combined deciding on what classes and function needed to be replaced was merely a matter of determining repetitive code in one program that could be performed by a similar method from the other file called upon to perform those processes. In the case of the selected 2

CODE REUSABILITY 2 Code reusability is a term used for taking existing source code and/or principles from one program and using it in a new program. The objective is to reuse the source code with minimal modification. Programmer cannot simply cut and paste the code into the new program, rather they have to understand the program requirements and which sections of the code can be effectively modified in order to maintain the codes comprehensiveness, while ensuring the program compiles and executes successfully. In this paper, Team B will discuss the reusability of the Java programming language by selecting two programs, reusing sections of the code and modifying it while making sure that the final program runs without errors. The requirement for this program is to get the name and annual sales of at least two salespersons and calculate their total compensations by determining whom the highest earner is. After evaluating the program requirements, Team B has decided to use Ahmed and Mai’s programs. When examining two programs, Team B has looked at the following areas:  Naming conventions 

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