Wesleyan University Connecticut College Prowler Essay

There are two parts to the diversity question at Conn: how the community responds to diversity, and who is actually represented. Let me be clear: Conn is your typical Liberal Arts school which means it is mostly white, upper class students. There are exceptions to this, but they are exceptions. The school is also very liberal, and some of my friends who are more conservative have trouble expressing their opinions on this campus. As far as religion, there is an active Jewish and Christian population, other groups have less resources and are less represented. There is an active center for LGBT+ individuals, though it is less visible than what I'm used to.

That being said, students and administration are very interested in holding conversations about diversity, even if they are at times uncomfortable, and challenging ourselves to ask what can I do to make it better. I would say the campus is pretty accepting, but not being an ethnic or racial minority I can't speak to that experience

What are the academics like at your school?

- If you're going pre-med/ science, life is gonna be HARD. Mostly because these classes have extra TA sessions, labs, and homework so you lose a lot of time. -Favorite and least favorite class Well, I'm a freshman and am in five classes, so there aren't many options for me. My favorite class is Sociology (tied with principles of chemistry), and my least favorite class is Three Big Novels. It's a first year seminar and is a great class for people who like English literature discussions, but not people who like discussing symbolism (and are more science oriented to begin with). -Class participation is REALLY common. 90% of the people are in the class because they want to be and care about their classes, so everyone is really into it and participates. -Another great thing about Wesleyan: we aren't super competitive. This had a huge impact over my decision to go to somewhere like UPenn or Cornell; they are equal in academics, but Wes students aren't going to be competing all the time against each other. We study hard because we want to do well in our academics, not to beat the other kid in the same major.

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