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Humour is one of the crucial aspects of our everyday life. The point is that humour is the tool that we can use to face with the hardest times in our lives and to appreciate some of the most outstanding things. Some people tend to believe that humour is the key to finding happiness.

Just think about all people that you’re enjoying to spend your free time with and the ones that make you happy. Now try to recall the most heartwarming memories with these individuals. Without a doubt, all these precious memories will involve laughing and humour. Laughter and positive emotions simply put us in a better mood and make everyone around us happier. It is through humour that we usually start laughing out loud!

Humour will be suitable in any life situation. In case you are angry or having a quarrel with anyone, as a rule, a little bit of humour may help you to resolve the problem and even lighten the mood. When we’re facing with something sad or stressful, just a pinch of humour can be the magic wand to get out of the situation. No matter what difficulties in everyday life make us fall, humour is one of the foremost issues that help us stand up and fight. By means of good humour we have an opportunity to step back and see what is most important in life.

When my life is doomed with dark shadows, I find humour the best thing to get a helping hand. I make sure to call up my best friend and have a pleasant conversation with him that usually involves laughing, telling jokes and forgetting about what has bothered me. Or, as an alternative, I can spend my evening watching a good movie. If we have lack of humour in our life, it gets a lot more difficult to live things through – hardships become even harder to handle, stresses seem to never let go, and grief is more difficult to overcome. This is when we realize that we have nothing else but humour to cure our souls and reload our miserable lives.

To cut the long story short, if there is a place for humour in our everyday life it gets much easier and happier to live. We have a great tool to appreciate and be grateful for all the simple things in our everyday life, and cherish what we already have and what is going to happen. Once we know how to see the little things through humour, we get a marvelous opportunity to find out that life is not that bad!

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It is said that sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities. Humor is not only good for your health physically and emotionally, but it also reinforces your relationships with your family, your friends and your coworkers.

First of all, humor is good for your physical health. Some research shows that laughter can improve your resistance to diseases by declining the stress hormones and increasing infection-fighting antibodies in your body. Besides, laughter can ease the physical tension­ and help your muscles to relax. It is not exaggerated to say that laughter is the best medicine for your body.

Moreover, having a good sense of humor helps you to stay healthy emotionally. Humor helps you to release stress and to keep an optimistic attitude. When you feel anxious or sad, good laughter can lighten your mood. The positive feelings you get when laughing will increase energy for your brain and your body. Thus, you will be able to stay more focus and look at the problems in your life from less frightening perspectives. Life always brings challenges that make you feel overwhelmed. In those cases, a good laughter can help you to overcome all those obstacles and makes your life more enjoyable.

Laughter helps you to stay emotionally healthy. 

Last but not least, humor helps to strengthen your relationships. First, friendly appearance with a bright smile on your face and a good sense of humor allow you to make good first impression with other people. Also, humor communication boosts the emotional connection that will bring people closer together and increases happiness. In addition, humor is an effective cure for disagreements, angers and hurts. During the difficult time in your relationship, sharing a hearted laughter will be enough to bridge the gap and fill the crack.

In conclusion, sense of humor is truly important in human life. Laughter brings many benefits including good physical health, positive emotions and relationships with other people. One essential point is that you should always remember to keep your smile, your humor and your optimism even during the hardest time of your life.

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