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The determination of gender identity is much deeper than whether a person is born a male or a female. The exact identifier that separates gender identity is currently unknown but researchers believe that genetics, hormones, reproductive organs, biological, and environmental factors all play a role in distinguishing a person’s gender identity. A person’s physical gender and their sense of gender are formed at two different times in two different parts of the body. A person’s gender is whether they are born male or female, but the way they identify themselves may be the opposite, which is not uncommon and has occurred since the beginning of time. In culture males are known to be the stronger, more aggressive sex, while females are the…show more content…

For men, they are stronger and more aggressive when their testosterone levels are high and they are able to perform better in actions that require physical performance. The nature side of the theory relies on prenatal hormones that modify the brain and peripheral tissue and the development of male or female external genitalia. Although a person may have a certain physical gender, their gender role is the adoption of masculine or feminine behavioral traits that are appropriate for that specific sex. Gender identity differs from the gender role because it is an individual’s personal sense of sex, which is not necessarily their physical gender. There are multiple stages from childhood to adulthood when hormones are present that are identifiable of a specific gender. The pituitary gland (or hypophysis) secretes many hormones during puberty including adrenocorticotropic hormones, growth hormones, gonadotrophins, prolactin, and thyroid stimulating hormones. Gonadotrophins, which include luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones, stimulate sex hormone production in the ovaries or testes and also lead to egg and sperm maturity. Prolactin stimulates milk production and adrenocorticotropic hormones stimulate the adrenal glands to secrete steroid hormones like cortisol. All of these hormones play a major role in sexual development and an individual’s determination of gender identity. Environmental

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Identity is most simply defined as a person's own sense of self; their personal sense of who they are. Identity development is intrinsically linked with adolescence because, according to Santrock citing Marcia & Carpendale, "...for the first time, physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development advance to the point at which the individual can sort through and synthesize childhood identities and identifications to construct a viable path toward adult maturity". We often see the results of this sorting process in behaviors of adolescents such as adopting and shedding different personas including speech patterns, clothing styles and peer groups. Although these transitions often seem drastic and swift, adolescents are utilizing their…show more content…

Although identity is highly personal and we conceive of it being built from internal processes like temperament and personality, societal factors such as family and gender also contribute significantly to its formation. James Marcia confronts familial influence in his second Status of Identity, identity foreclosure. In this status Marcia describes a commitment that an adolescent has integrated into their identity yet they have had no identity crisis, therefore have not explored alternate or even conflicting options before making the commitment. A commitment like this is almost always attributable to familial influence. For example, perhaps fifteen year old Cady identifies as a protestant Christian. Her identification is conveyed by her personal thoughts and discussions with others about Christ being her savior, as well as her behavior patterns of attending church frequently and implementing Christian doctrine into her daily behaviors (turning the other cheek when wronged etc.). However, Cady's parents are both protestant Christians as well and have attempted to actively instill their beliefs and practices within their daughter. Cady has never considered her Christianity or any other aspects of faith, her family is Christian and they do what Christians do, that

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