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photospinPhoto illustration
High school students representing 17 high schools and the Home School association in southwestern Michigan schools serve on the Kalamazoo Gazette's Young Editorial Staff (YES), which is coordinated by freelance writer Phyllis Rose. The students pick their own discussion topics. The views expressed in Our Turn are solely those of the students, not the Gazette. These Our Turn pieces were written by: Ashley Monroe, Larissa Weld and Chris Henneman.

Imagine a world where no children are born with diseases like Down Syndrome or Asperger’s disorder. Genetic engineering might make that possible. But what if scientists used genetic engineering to modify the genes of a fetus that did not have anything wrong?

For example, maybe you always wanted a child with blond hair and brown eyes and a genetic predisposition to excel at baseball, but both you and your partner have dark hair, blue eyes and are clumsy. Would you have your child genetically altered for something so vain?

If the technology to do such a thing becomes available, we must ask: Is it ethical?

No, it is not.

Using this technique for something so petty would do nothing more than reinforce Nazism. In a world where everybody is designed to be perfect, where would that leave the less genetically-beautiful babies?

Since people would actually be designed to better suit certain jobs, those who hadn’t been altered would be restricted to the grunt work. Socio-economic status would no longer be determined by people’s achievements, but rather, by their genome — at the moment of birth. This concept may seem far-fetched, but is it really?

There are not only social risks to genetic engineering, but biological ones as well. Since this process has never been performed before, there would be no way for scientists to be sure which gene to manipulate to acquire the desired result. And some traits are quantitative where many genes work together to create one specific trait while others are polygenic with one trait being controlled by multiple genes.

Many scientific breakthroughs throughout history were originally perceived as great discoveries, but have since then been found to cause more harm than good.

We, as a society, need to monitor what we're putting in to and taking out of our genome. It's the little things that make us all unique.

Ashley Monroe is a senior at Paw Paw High School.

The human race has evolved when necessary and developed certain genetic characteristics as needed. Over the years, mistakes are made, creating diseases because of genetic mutations.

So genetic engineering can be helpful. It is possible for scientists to discover what causes genetic mutations and to correct the mutation before the baby is developed.

While this is ethical, engineering what a child will look like is not because doing nature’s job is unethical and interrupts what nature intended.

If parents choose to genetically engineer their children, they can choose hair color, eye color and sometimes even height. These days, the more money parents can pay the person responsible for engineering their baby, the more characteristics they have to choose from.

By choosing the characteristics of their baby, parents are taking the place of nature. To me, that is something people should not be able to do. It takes away the surprise element, because the parents already have a good idea of what their children will look like even before they are born and a general idea of what their children will look like as adults.

Genetically engineering a fetus in this way allows society to be too concerned with looks. It also teaches future generations to value appearances, rather than intelligence and accomplishments. That is not wise.

However, we should also think about the impact these new discoveries could have on nature. There would be no more mistakes in the human race, and virtually every human would have a perfect genetic makeup. Nature is not supposed to work like this; nature is supposed to create mistakes. Without mistakes, there would be no natural selection, or other vital processes in nature.

So, I do not agree with genetically engineering designer babies. It makes vanity the most important thing and allows humans to take the place of nature. This will only one day result in consequences which go against how nature is supposed to work.

Larissa Weld is a senior at Galesburg-Augusta High School.

Scientists have begun to genetically alter organisms to express desired traits and suppress undesirable traits. Until recently, these scientists were content with plants and animals, but now human beings are no longer off limits.

Every new technological breakthrough comes with controversy, and this is no different. Many people see sculpting your children’s characteristics before they are born as unethical and morally wrong.

While it may be personally beneficial to genetically engineer your children, there are several problems at a personal level and a societal level.

First, is whether parents have the right to permanently alter their children’s personal traits. Imagine wondering who you would really be if you had been born with the traits you were meant to have.

Considering those changes would be permanent, there could be immense psychological problems associated with such a drastic genetic deviation. Also, there is hardly enough evidence to prove these procedures are safe for humans, and by using this technology, parents risk damaging their children with crippling, lifelong problems. It is simply unfair to risk putting children in these circumstances.

But while it could be dangerous to attempt the alteration of a genome, genetic engineering could also prevent diseases, and for that reason there should be extreme discretion regarding who could receive this treatment and who couldn’t.  

Genetic engineering children could be potentially harmful to the human population as a whole. Some people believe such procedures could cause a split in the human race, eventually leading to two separate species.

As engineered babies reproduce, they pass their selected traits onto their children and this continues for generations. While these repercussions are somewhat farfetched, the possibility of genetic engineering is very much a reality, and any possible negative effect should be taken seriously.

When considering the possibilities of genetic engineering, we should keep in mind that this technology could be effective in treating genetic diseases but could potentially be dangerous if allowed to grow without any controls.

Chris Henneman is a senior at Three Rivers High School.

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