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Academic Reinstatement(.doc), (.docx)

Anticipated Graduation Date - Please type your responses. Please note:This is a .pdf form. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it for free at

Appeal Policy

Instructions for Requesting an Appeal

Authorization of Incomplete (online petition)


Change of Major Form(.doc), (.docx)

Committee Assignment Form

Committee Change Form

*Graduate Committee Formation Policy

Exception to Being Continually Enrolled (Leave of Absence), (Instructions)

Dissertation Format Guide(.doc), (.pdf)

Dissertation Formatting Manual for Word 2007(.pdf)

Dissertation Formatting Webcast  Click on the Training folder on the left side of the screen and then choose the "Formatting your Thesis in Word 2007" presentation link to start the session.


Eight Year Rule Petition, (Exception to Regulation: Completion of the Doctoral Degree within Eight Years)

Enrollment Authorization (online petition)* **

*May not be used if the course has a wait list. If the course has a wait list, please contact the department.

**This form may NOT be used for MATH courses or any College of Business or College of Engineering and Applied Sciences courses. Please contact the Math department, the College of Business Academic Advising office, or the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean's office.**

Exception Request (online petition)

Final Examination Conflict (online petition)

Five Pages you need to have to get your thesis/dissertation approved

Four-Year Rule Petition, (Instructions), (Completion of the Doctoral Degree Within Four Years After Passing the Comprehensive Exam)


Graduate Assistantship Application

Graduation Information and Deadlines

Graduate Student Handbook


LaTeX Thesis/Dissertation Template (For students in math, science, and engineering only)


New Parent Accommodation Petition

New Parent Accommodation Policy


Optional Student Fee Package Petition

Overload Petition (online petition)

Program of Study Worksheet - Masters Programs

Program of Study Worksheet - Doctoral Programs

Program of Study, Instructions for Developing



Report of Final Examination - Master's and PhD only

Report of Final Examination - EdD only

Report on Preliminary Examination for Admission to Candidacy

Request for Change in Graduate Program

Request for Extension of Incomplete (online petition)

Request to Reserve Coursework for Graduate Credit


Six Year Rule Petition, (Exception to Regulation: Completion of the Master's Degree within Six Years)

Survey of Earned Doctorates

S/U Grade Petition

Thesis Template 2010 (Instructions) This Thesis Template is in .docx format; the password for modifications is thesis.  If your operating system does not support this format, please contact the Office of the Registrar ( for a template.

Thesis Format Guide(.pdf)

Thesis Formatting Manual for Word 2007(.pdf)

Time Conflict (online petition)

Travel Funding Request Application Process

Twelve-Hour Petition, (Exception to Regulation: Limit of 12 non-degree seeking hours)


Withdrawal, Class [Secure]
*After the withdrawal deadline, please submit an Exception Request [Secure].*
**Refunds are based on the completion date of the withdrawal, not the petition submission date**

Template of the Instructor’s Written Report for Academic Misconduct in Accordance with UWS Chapter 14. This letter is to be emailed to the student, so there is an electronic record of its delivery. You may also provide a hard copy to the student in addition to the email. For help with determining which part of UWS Chapter 14 was violated, refer to this document. If you have questions about constructing your letter, please contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards at 608-263-5700 or Click here to download this template in a Word document.


(Student’s complete name) (Student ID #)
(Student’s e-mail address)

Dear (Student’s name):
This letter confirms our meeting on (date) to discuss the allegation of academic misconduct against you.  I have outlined my finding, the information related to the investigation of this matter, and recommended sanction.

After considering the relevant information and the results of our conference on (date), I have concluded that on (date – can be due date of assignment) you did engage in academic misconduct in my course (title and number) by (description of the misconduct).

Your conduct violated UWS (insert specific code/s from below here)

  • 03 (a) Seeks to claim credit for the work or efforts of another with-out authorization or citation
  • 03 (b) Uses unauthorized materials or fabricated data in any academic exercise;
  • 03 (c) Forges or falsifies academic documents or records
  • 03 (d) Intentionally impedes or damages the academic work of others
  • 03 (e) Engages in conduct aimed at making false representation of a student’s academic performance
  • 03 (f) Assists other students in any of these acts

Basis for Finding
My finding is based on the following:  (describe)

Recommended Sanction
In response to your actions in my course, I have decided to issue the following disciplinary sanction: (specify in full).

Right to a Hearing
As explained in UWS 14.06(3)(c) of the University of Wisconsin Administrative Code, you have the right to request, within ten (10) days of the issuance of this letter, a hearing before a hearing committee or examiner. Should you make such a request, my decision will be stayed pending the outcome of the hearing. Should you NOT request such a hearing within the established timeframe, my decision as to the facts and the disciplinary sanction described above shall become final and will be implemented accordingly. To request a hearing, contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards at

More complete information about hearing procedures and the academic misconduct process can be found in UWS Chapter 14 (PDF) and at the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards website.

A copy of this letter and supporting evidence has been filed with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards in order that they may decide whether to seek further disciplinary action under UWS 14.07 of the University of Wisconsin Administrative Code. A copy will also be forwarded to the Academic Dean of your school or college by the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.


(Instructor’s Name and Title)

cc: Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

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