Marketing Thesis Statement

Can someone please tell me if my thesis statement below is strong enough?




"While researching the field of Marketing Strategies I found that a Marketing Analyst comes up with a plan of action to make a retail store successful in a particular community and the job pays very well when you get the proper degree providing you with the tools you need to be successful in this competitive field."

"While researching the field of Marketing Strategies I found that a Marketing Analyst comes up with a plan of action to make a retail store successful ---- this part only tells what the marketing analyst does and does not make a real thesis statement. a particular community and the job pays very well when you get the proper degree providing you with the tools you need to be successful in this competitive field."---- this statement could be made about any profession.

In order to make a good thesis statement, you need to come up with a NEW idea, an idea of your own that arises in your ind after you do a lot of reading. In order to write a good thesis statement, do some more reading until you suddenly get a very creative idea that you would like to express.

Maybe your thesis statement should say that being a marketing analyst is excellent work for someone whose philosophy of life is __________ (fill in the blank.)


Need latest research topic in Marketing (advertising, CSR and branding)

Hi everyone!
Please help me in finding a latest research topic in the area of Marketing. I actually can not figure iot out that how should I start and how to select my topic. If specifically mentioning I am interested in the areas of advertising, CSR and branding. Kindly propose a topic for me related to these areas.

Thanks alot!

I found a good list at
All you need to do is google this: marketing research topics

One important task, though, is for YOU to find some professional journal articles about aspects of marketing that interest you. Those articles will each have a "literature review" that tells all about what has recently been done in the field. Search for an article with a lit review, and make sure the article was written in the past 5 years. That will tell you the whole story! It will tell you what has been done, what questions have been raised, and so forth.

Before you can choose your topic, you need to get familiar with all the other research that has been done. That does not mean you need to know about ALL marketing research... just the research that has been done about the area of the field that interests you.

Start with an industry. What industry interests you?
Then, look at a particular concept, such as decision acceleration. Search for key words and include the term "literature review."

Good luck!! Start reading.

Research topic for PhD in Marketing (branding and advertising) - ideas needed

Can anyone help in giving some suggestion on the topic that i should do. My interest is in branding and advertising.

Find a company that you like and analyze their marketing strategies.
Talk about the effectiveness of a good logo.
Discuss what makes a good television commercial.

Just a few ideas.

My interest is in branding and advertising.

LOTS of research articles have been written about branding and advertising. Your job is to read 10 articles right now, and write a little paragraph about each. Find the articles by searching a library databasefor journal articles using these search terms:

branding, advertising, survey, research, hypothesis, literature, review, results

If you use those terms, you will get articles that include literature reviews. These sections will tell you ALL about the research being done lately. I chose "survey design" for you because it is simpler than other methods. You can replace that term with "case study" or "grounded theory" or some other method if you want to.

Good luck!! This is supposed to take a long time, so don't get frustrated. :-)

Write a paragraph about each article's main idea, and write a paragraph about each paragraph's research design. Google any term you don't know.


PhD thesis for marketing Engineer

Hello one and all,
i am an Mechanical Graduate and done my MBA in marketing now i want to apply for PhD so please help me in finding good research problem


Are you enrolled for Ph.D?? if yes please try to workout with your research supervisor

thanks & regards

Sravan Research scholar in management

Marketing strategy - How to write critical analysis?

Choose one of the following integrated marketing communications case studies:
Guinness OR Innocent.

Using the case study to illustrate your assignment, answer ONE of the following:

Critically analyse the marketing strategy being used by the organisation considering aspects of the market mix such as market positioning, product, pricing and distribution.

I really don't know what is critically anayze? who can tell me how to write this essay, give me some advice, thanks alot.

Lets say you pick Guinness. I would do a SWOT analysis (S = strength, w = weakness, o = opportunity, t = threats). First start with their price... is it higher or lower compared to competitors? How successful is their product? What market (younger/older/etc) are they targeting? How do they distribute their product?

Research topic for PhD in rural marketing?

hello friends

I want to do PHD in rural marketing. though I have few Ideas related to the topic but looking for few more assist.
let me have few suggestion regarding the same...


which part of the world are you targeting? The word 'rural' has different characteristics when we move from one part of the world to another. If you are targeting India, then you can select some topic like these:

- Marketing banking services to Rural India.
- Green marketing in rural India.
- Marketing democracy to rural India.

These are just general suggestions. You can think of a creative title along these suggestions.

Need topic for Research proposal (Marketing field)

i need some good topics for research proposal related to feild of Marketing, further i need to know how to develope a good research proposal??

Topic for Marketing Management research

hi every one
Please help me in finding a latest research topic in the area of marketing. i think about two topic. 1 Effect of Gender on family buying decision. 2 The effect of brand image on consumer taste preference. which is good for the research if other topics in good please tell me. my interest area Consumer Behavior. please help me.

Personally, I prefer the first one because the second one is quite common and the researches in this area are numerous.(Just personal opinion:])

You can write a better essay on the second one . Its more intriguing and you wont have the risk of being biased,
Go with what you want to and not what someone else says.

Good Luck

Personally I'd go with the second one theres more reference material and would be overall more interesting then the first.

Need advice on finding a narrowed down a Research Topic on Public Relations or Market

i really need a recent research topic concerning Public relations or Marketing or any of the title which will be narrow to do a research for it...

I'll be so grateful for this!

you can do a research about how advertising affects people .For example marketing for iPhone 5, some people just buy it to say yes i have a iPhone 5 it kind a shows your social level or how teenage girls get affected by commercials like victorias secret . you can look in many perspectives health,mentally how they feel or how they act are they self confident ...

thank you indeed Birce, that's a wonderful idea to start with for now as i couldn't be able to think of something interested like that... I am truly grateful!

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