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Bloom's Taxonomy in the Classroom

Honestly, when presented with this challenge I did not think it feasible to put Bloom's Taxonomy into practice for a Kindergarten class in late October, but soon realized that it was not such an insurmountable task as I had imagined. The topic that we chose to incorporate Bloom's Taxonomy into was a recent field trip taken to the pumpkin patch.

Starting at the Remembering level we asked the students to recall or identify what they saw at the pumpkin patch. Students dictated their sentences on a predictable chart, I saw a __________. We followed the predictable chart format and at the end of the week cut up the sentences. The students reformed them, glued them to their paper and illustrated the picture. Patricia Cunningham is known for her writing about predictable charts. This task showed that they remembered what they experienced.

Next we went to the Understanding level. At this level we compared and contrasted a book we had read, "Apples and Pumpkins", by Anne Rockwell, to the actual trip on a Venn Diagram. So, could they compare the difference in a non-fiction book to the actual trip?

Next we went to the Applying level. Here students learned to illustrate and label the beginning, middle and end of a completely unrelated book ("Mrs. Wishy Washy") and given the same paper, had to illustrate and label the beginning, middle and end of the field trip.

Analyzing was next. The students chose one part of their beginning, middle and end to write more about. They had to "zoom in" on a small moment that happened and elaborate more about it. They analyzed one part of the trip in more detail.

Evaluating was where the students developed a list of their own rules or standards to follow at the pumpkin patch. Now that they had an experience, could they evaluate what they learned? Could they make a list of the rules they learned? This task was not to remember the rules we gave them, but to evaluate certain rules that made the trip successful for everyone.

Last, at the Creating level, the students made their own pumpkin patch pamphlets to recommend this field trip to someone else. I found this level to be the most challenging and enlightening. To begin, they had to answer the question, "What made this a great trip?" If they were able to evaluate the trip, they would say, it was great because of something that they could do or saw. Most students at this age wanted to say that the trip was fun and struggled to give examples of why.

In the next section, we'll explore some of the challenges and rewards in using Bloom's Taxonomy.

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